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Parent Involvement

Parent/guardians and community volunteers are invited to assist with the school program in various ways. Presently, volunteers work in classrooms, in the library, on field trips and with individual students. They assist significantly with school-wide activities. Other opportunities may arise from time to time in which parent/guardians may be interested. The support of parent/guardian volunteers is very much encouraged and appreciated by the school staff. For further information, please call us at 780-469-5339 or contact your child’s teacher.

Clara Tyner School Council and Clara Tyner Fundraising Society

These parent associations are elected by the general body at the annual general meeting, meet several times during the year to provide, exchange and evaluate ideas and concerns. Committee members provide advice and assistance, organize fund raising and/or social activities for the school, and in general, support the school in its programs. Funds are used to purchase additional materials and equipment—items that enhance learning experiences at the classroom level. All parent/guardians are invited to attend the meetings.