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School Profile

Clara Tyner School is located in the Ottewell community and serves approximately 170 students.  Parents value the family atmosphere, quality education and collaboration related to teaching and learning.  Volunteers both parents and non-parents are involved with the school program.  We have a dedicated School Council that contributes yearly to enhancing cultural experiences, keeping our library well resourced, modernizing our technology and upgrading our physical education equipment.


School History


Clara Tyner Elementary School was officially opened November 18, 1966.  It was the first time in the eighty-one year history of Edmonton Public Schools that a school was named in honour of a woman.

Miss Clara Tyner, a minister's daughter and a master educator, is the person after whom our school is named.  Clara Tyner was born in Nova Scotia July 25, 1891 and moved to Alberta with her family early in the century. She graduated from Calgary Normal School, and taught in both Red Deer and Vermillion prior to settling in Edmonton in 1918. She was part of the Edmonton Public Schools staff from 1918 to her retirement in 1956, teaching at Norwood, Highlands, King Edward, Queen Alexandra and Garneau Schools. Even though she taught the elementary grades, teaching grade 3 was her specialty. She truly felt these children deserved "the best". She was a valued member of the Normal Practice School staff and consequently, mentored and nurtured many student teachers.

Clara Tyner collaborated and co-authored a series of readers for grades four, five and six, along with the book Totem, Tipi and Tumpline, a series of native tales & legends. She continued with her professional activities after retirement and was held in high esteem by her colleagues and valued for her contribution to the educational progress of Edmonton. For forty-three years, Miss Clara Tyner equipped her students with the moral qualities, and a sense of values necessary to make their best contribution to society. Her portrait by Professor J.P. Taylor, commissioned by friends and former students, was presented to Clara Tyner School and is proudly displayed in our foyer.

Miss Clara Tyner passed away August 15th, 1974.  She was quoted as saying that "In an era of automation, one should teach children the use of leisure".  How appropriate this quote is still today.  The staff of Clara Tyner School continue to strive to maintain our namesake's excellence in teaching and values in working with children.