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School Philosophy

We strive to create a positive climate for learning that promotes high academic achievement, and fosters the healthy emotional, intellectual, social, creative and physical growth.  Clara Tyner staff believe in child-centered learning, assessing and adjusting strategies to improve student achievement, acknowledging and addressing the various learning styles of students, using technology to appropriately to improve student performance, and guiding all individuals to strive to do their best and to have pride in their abilities.  Fundamental to the success of each child is the partnership between the home, the school and the larger community.


School Vision

We believe in each child reaching their full potential and leading successful lives. We value and believe in honouring every person as an individual, in nurturing the whole person that everyone is a learner, and everyone will experience success. We believe that everyone needs a safe place to be, to grow, to learn, to risk, and that learning, for everyone, is a life-long journey.